Just the world’s best fruit brought to you organically by the  crew.

100% certified organic. 100% nutritious. 100% delicious.

NEW ! Organic Diced Mango

No mess, no fuss and no waste. Simply delicious juicy 100% certified organic mango that has been snap frozen at the perfect freshness made by the best organic tropical farmers in the world
(because NZ is too cold to grow them).
No nasties or chemicals just pure mango!

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100% certified organic mango
country of origin : Peru


Organic Raspberries

Juicy and bold snap frozen raspberries picked by one of the  crew when they are at their freshest.
We make sure we source the best organic fruit from around the globe so you can have delicious raspberries all year round – and without any nasty sprays.


100% certified organic raspberries
country of origin : Chile

Organic Blueberries

Small juicy morsels hand-picked and snap frozen to perfection.
Love the planet? Provided to you 100% certified organic. Love your body? Our blueberries are nature’s superfood, supercharged with antioxidants giving your eyes, your cardiovascular system and even your memory some organic goodness.


100% certified organic blueberries
Country of origin : New Zealand or Chile

Organic Mixed Berries

Not one, not two … but four mouth-watering, succulent berries hand-picked at their optimum freshness and frozen in time so you can enjoy at your convenience.  Sweet strawberries, plush blueberries, bold raspberries and, delicious blackberries sourced from the best oob approved organic farms, packed in a handy resealable bag for you !


100% certified organic berries
30% strawberries*
30% blueberries*
30% blackberries*
10% raspberries*

*Berry ratios subject to change
Country of origin : New Zealand, Chile, Germany