How it all began…

What started with Robert & Shannon and a blueberry orchard in 2001 soon became the home for all things organic!
At oob organic, we believe there is a place for quality organic products in a competitive food market, where quality, taste and health are important to our consumers.
Years later, we are now New Zealand’s organic experts bringing you the world’s best organic certified fruit and producing delicious organic ice cream.

They say sharing is caring, so we now send our deliciousness all over the world so likeminded organic lovers like you, can experience the taste of summer all year round.
We may have grown, as well as our range, but our philosophy, values and commitment to organic remains intact.

 From our grower to your freezer

 While we would like to grow all fruit straight from our orchard in Omaha, we simply can’t. Our climate here in New Zealand doesn’t allow us to grow every fruit and all year round.
But that’s why we have partner growers in other countries. So we can bring you delicious 100% certified organic fruit, in every season.

For us, it’s not about where it’s grown but how! Yes, our fellow growers have the same values and follow the same organic principals, certification approvals and processes as us.
From our orchards to your plate, we can 100% guarantee you’ll be enjoying frozen fruit that’s 100% certified organic and 100% delicious.

Why Organic?

We’ve always believed there was a place in the market for organic products where quality, great tasting, healthy food options could be made more accessible and mainstream to everyone.
We believe eating organic is better for you and better for the planet. Being certified organic is a commitment to the land, the plants, our farmers and staff, and to you, our  fans – yes we care about you!

Organic is at the heart of everything we do, from tending to the soil, pest control, processing the fruit and right down to the cleaning products we wash our hands with.

Simplicity at its finest. Love the planet? Eat  organic.

The oob crew

What started as a family owned business soon became a crew –  made up of twenty seven passionate organic-loving employees. From our berry pickers to our ice cream experts, we all help make this a fun and magical place – that is the  orchard .

Our not-so-little crew also reaches beyond New Zealand to include our likeminded grower in Chile
We’re just real people making real organic food. Simple. Together we’re dedicated to farming organic produce to the highest standards, for you and your loved ones.


In everything we do, we’ll act with integrity so our team and customers trust what we do


We love that we aren’t corporate and embrace that we each have different strengths, ideas and backgrounds


This is who we are, we are passionate about organic food, quality, innovation and delivering on taste


We are committed to working with and for like-minded genuine people – our team and the community

Get in touch with us!
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